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   The Millicoma Marsh Trail is located in the Eastside District of Coos Bay, on the southern Oregon coast. The trail is primarily on Coos Bay School District property. The Millicoma Marsh is 44 acres of upland and wetland area that is traversed by the Millicoma Marsh Trail.  The trail begins at the small parking area next to the Wayne Young Educational Field and Park.   From Coos Bay, head east toward Allegany on the Coos River highway.  At "D" Street, follow the binocular signs to 4th Avenue and to the upper parking lot or down to the field parking area. 

The Millicoma Marsh is a relatively flat area of sand, silt, mud, and shell dredged from the bay's shipping channels and deposited over former tidal marsh. Elevations of the fill material range from twenty to thirty feet above mean sea level.

   Most of the lowland around Eastside is altered as a result of these dredge material applications since the early part of this century, the last being applied in 1985. Direct rainfall and upland  run-off on to the dredge material has created conditions favoring a variety of freshwater palustrine wetlands. This includes ponds, marsh, scrub-shrub  wetland, wooded wetland, and wet meadow. Upland habitat in the Millicoma Marsh consist mainly of the dikes separating the dredge material cells and few raised areas within the cells. Up land trees, shrubs and grasses have established themselves enough to provide food and cover for a variety of wildlife .

The tidal salt marsh is located at the end of the Millicoma Marsh 
trail and viewed easily from the viewing deck.